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We are proud to care for our feline patients with care and attention to their specific feline needs. Our priority is to maintain a calm, relaxed and stress free environment to maximize your cat's experience here. From towels sprayed with calming pheromones, to cat nip toys and quiet, classical music, we can't wait to make your cat's visit here comfortable. Physical exams, routine bloodwork, diagnostics, lifestyle appropriate services and preventatives are necessary for every cat! Your kitty deserves a happy and healthy life. Preventative care will do just that! We look forward to seeing you and for feline friends soon.

  Creating A Stress-Free Vet Visit With Your Cat

The first step to keeping your kitty relaxed for his or her visit is their cat carrier experience. Safely transporting them to the veterinary hospital is important. A sturdy, reliable cat carrier is recommended. There are several styles of carrier from the traditional front door opening to the top  door style or even the newer back-pack model with viewing window. One of the most commonly comfortable carriers is the sliding floor style. This allows your kitty to enjoy the carrier as a bed when not being transported somewhere and yet, extremely convenient when placing them in and out as needed without having to disassemble the entire carrier.

Keeping the carrier out for your cat to become familiar with it is helpful. Placing toys, cat nip or offering food in the carrier allows your cat to know this is a positive place. Covering the carrier with a blanket or towel is soothing for many cats. A darkened space with more muffled sounds will help relax him. Your cat may still  be opposed to being placed in a carrier even if you have completed the  above steps. Special handling may be needed to get your furry friend into his carrier. You can check out this helpful video on several safe and gentle techniques.  A relaxed and quick approach will be the easiest method for any kitty.  Don't forget to always reward them with words of praise and treats afterwards! (How to get your cat in the carrier video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zkcyyVtIwwo )

Pheromones can play an important role in providing a calm and relaxed atmosphere when traveling with your kitty. Feline pheromones are available at your veterinary hospital or over the counter at most pet stores. If this purchase is for traveling only, the spray formula will be most effective. First, spray the carrier, bedding and toys with the pheromone spray at least 1 hour prior to travel. Applying the spray several days before, on a daily basis while your cat is getting familiar with the carrier, is more advisable. Second, you will want to spray your vehicle to provide a wider space of calm and reduce stress while driving. These steps can be repeated as you are preparing to leave the  animal hospital and again once you get home. Your feline friend can still be anxious about it's unexpected disturbance and will need a short time to decompress!

Feeding your cat less or skipping a meal prior to the veterinary appointment can be a benefit. Car sickness is common for some kitties. Having little in their tummy can help prevent them from vomiting during the car ride over. Also, if your kitty is hungry, they may have more interest in accepting treats from the medical staff and warm up more easily, enjoying the attention! Bring your own treats if you have something truly special your cat loves!

Stay happy and upbeat! Your pet can definitely sense your own anxiety. They will relax more knowing their pet parent is confident about the trip and scheduled appointment. Sending them the positive vibes will help!!