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 In Remembrance Of Our Beloved Friends

      Though they no longer walk with us,

      we carry them forever in our hearts!

This memorial page is to give remembrance to the special pets that have brought amazing love into our lives. Their paws, purrs, special tricks and quirks as well as unconditional love will always be known to those who loved them most. We too have loved these special pets and were privileged to have cared for them as though they were our own!

Saying goodbye to such a beautiful friend that has enriched your life is the most difficult part of owning a pet. We hope that by sharing their memory it will soften your grief and bring comfort knowing your pet will never be forgotten. We thank you for sharing their story! 

Please contact our office if you have a pet that was cared for by Lakeshore Animal Hospital and you would like to share their memorial picture and story.