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      YOUR PET WILL RECEIVE FREE FULL                        MOUTH DENTAL X-RAYS AND A                    $25.00 DISCOUNT WITH THEIR DENTAL!

We are excited to provide, free of charge, dental x-ray with your pet's dental procedure this month of February! This will improve your pet's overall health by enabling us to see what lies beneath the gum line. Dental disease is not only what is visible at the tooth's crown. It affects the health and integrity of the tooth root, pulp, nerves and blood supply. Even the jaw bone can be compromised in severe conditions. Dental x-ray will reveal the level of disease effecting each tooth and help us provide the best treatment for your pet's dental needs.                                       Bad breath is one of the most common complaint pet owners have about their dog or cat. However, this is usually an indicator that more is going on than just tartar build-up. Periodontal disease effects 80% of dogs and cats over the age of three. Detecting and treating this condition early will help prevent pain and discomfort for your pet, avoid unnecessary organ damage and prolong their life span as well!

Signs of dental disease can be very subtle. Here are a few of the most common signs you may see from your dog or cat:

* Bad breath

* Red, swollen or bleeding gums

* Drooling or pawing at mouth

* Eating or chewing on only one side of the mouth

* No longer showing interest in chew toys or rawhides

* Frequently dropping food when eating

* Broken or loose teeth

Oral Healthcare is no laughing matter. Good dental care can increase your pet's life span by 10-20%. It is a vital role in every animal's healthcare. Please make your pet's oral care a priority! Schedule their dental evaluation today.